User Manual, Tips and Troubleshooting TH2014




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    Neil Kaiser

    My Computer, which is new - - - A Lenovo Windows 10, can not recognize the RCA TH2014 when I plug it in to one of several USB Ports. The Ports seem not to charge it either. Yes, the MP3 Device is turned "ON". Yet these same Ports work with my Samsung Book Device and other Memory Sticks. WHAT CAN I DO?

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    Donna Dynes (Edited )

    I am having same issue with an RCA TH 2014 that I just bought today and Windows 10.  Please respond to our queries. THANKS....

    Just called VOXX support. They said the RCA TH2014 is not compatible with Windows 10. Meantime I saw that there was some info posted of what to try if your device is not recognized on your computer. Tried that.. doesn't work either.  I am returning my device to the store for a refund.  Shame on you RCA.

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