MyGuard Automatic Laundry Water Shut Off System MGWLD



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    John Dawson

    Put your mind at ease ? How about plunder your bank account to repair damage voxx caused. Some dingbat designed the female threaded adapter with a pop off c ring retainer. If any side pressure is applied, the  female fitting pops off and full house house pressure ( and in my case hot) water spews out. The alarm does go off but since the valve is now separated from the water supply, the valve does nothing and the leak continues until you come home and find it, repair it and perform damage control. These folks are idiots, the device cannot comply with any plumbing code, and your insurance company will most assuredly reject your claim.  Response from voxx " oh I will have to warrant your unit, send me a sales receipt " as if I would be so stupid to put another back on and ignore the thousands of dollars damage the voxx initiated leak caused. Let me see now, lnext step - look up what else these creeps sell and never buy it.

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